Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Heart Jelly Beans

Every Easter I get a little giddy going over to my parents house. My dad always has a bowl of jelly beans on the end table next to his couch.

I had this craving at lunch today for that chewy goodness. So while at the Dollar Store searching for crafty goods, I picked up a bag of generic beans. Not even sure if its a brand. But it's a buck! So I began munching on them in the car except they were a little crunchy.

At the red light, I scanned the back for an expiration date - 10/14/09 - OH NO! Am I going to get sick? How old is too old? Do I continue eating them? Should I throw them out? And why in the world do they still make black licorice beans???

Disgusted and disheartened, I spotted Walgreens..whipped in, parked and marched my jelly bean seeking self to the Easter Candy aisle. I scanned the display shelves and to my dismay, there's not 1 or 2 choices, but more like 12 options! Are you kidding me? Now what do I do?

2 bags for $5.00 - why not? Sweet Tarts and Starburst it is.

When I run out, I'll try Jolly Rancher and Life Savers.

I arrived back at the office a wee-bit late but satisfied.

TIP: leave the dollar stores to what they do best - selling what some might call junk but what others see as a project waiting to happen. Let the expired edibles remain on the shelves.

And as a side note, there is a Sweet Tart Jelly Bean fan page and a Starburst Jelly Bean fan page on Facebook. I am a fan of neither.

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