Friday, March 26, 2010

Buffet: Before and After

Yet another piece of furniture swiped from my boss's "moving sale" a few weeks ago. I desperately needed a place to store my china - given to me by my mother in law. The hall closet is meant for spare light bulbs, kid's art supplies, flash lights, fake florals, portable DVD player, a matchbox car, a size 3 diaper, a tube of lipstick and a few coats and scarves - NOT fine china! Sheesh.

I'm not a professional. I'm the type that has this grand idea and I start a project without researching or investigating on how it SHOULD be done. Instant gratification. Then, once I get started, I've been know to:

A. take short cuts
B. get bored and my project sits in the garage/spare room/on a shelf for weeks
C. drink too much barely infused liquids and really mess it up

And listen, you don't have to remind me of my downfalls, I'm well aware.

Point in case, this buffet. Although I didn't take short cuts, it did take me approximately 3 weeks to finish.

I wanted to keep it's integrity and I'm in love with Red Mahogany right now.

3 coats of stain, approximately 6 coats of polyurethane, new hardware and voila!



This pic shows how beat up it was. I mean how loved it was:

Close up of bottom with all the scratches buffed out.

You'll notice the hardware looks almost identical. Funny you should ask. NEVER throw away the hardware from an older piece of furniture. Especially with random boring sizes and when the furniture has curves to it. I made that mistake. Thankfully, Van Dyke's Restorers came to my rescue. I located drop handle hardware on their website.


Andrea said...

This is such a great piece of furniture! WOW, I love what you did with it. Staining is a PITA in my opinion but you did a great job! I have been looking for a piece like this forever and can't seem to find one. You really lucked out! You might want to think about linking this to several link parties next week! Check out my latest blog entry for the link parties I am joining next week, this would be a sensation that people would love to see if you'll share it!

Ann said...

That turned out really beautiful. I am about to embark on a redo that I am not planning to paint either. I hope it turns out as lovely as yours! ann@housefinally.blogspot

Maureen said...

Wow, that turned out beautiful. That is a classic piece that I'm sure you will love for years. Nice job.

Miss Obara said...

That turned out really great! I've been looking for a buffet, but can't seem to score one like this!

anita said...

Hi! I found you via Funky Junk. That looks so great! I know it was a lot of work too.

Ali@Honey and Maple Syrup said...

It's amazing what some stain and poly can do!

Ann said...

What a lovely piece and how refreshing its still WOOD! The wood is gorgeous!

Heather said...

Jealous!!! I've been 'trying' to buy a china cabinet off of CL but every time I find a gem my husband suggests I wait.....Grrrrrrr.

Magic Brush said...

I have been trying to see how you did your handrails! I am a faux finisher and am always curious as to how other people paint things!

Also, I too paint, job, wipe butts and kiss butts. HILARIOUS!!!

Stop by my paint blog and say hello sometime! Jennifer

The Inspired Nest said...

Ok, I have found my new favorite blog! Please post a tutorial on how you did this! You are have a wicked talent, please share! Come visit me @