Sunday, May 30, 2010

SSC Sunday: Strawberry Shortcake

SSC = Strawberry Shortcake

My mom has been slowly pulling all my old SSC's from storage and I'm really diggin' it. Brings back a crapload of memories. I've decided to document all my goods here each Sunday. Since I don't have every single piece and part to each doll, I've scoured the Internet for accurate photos. I've documented resources as best as possible. Call me out if not.

First up, Strawberry Shortcake herself!

So there was a first issue and a second issue doll. First one did not come with Custard, the Cat. Honestly, I don't know which one I had. But I'm going to assume the first issue since I can't find Custard.

But here is what issue 2 is supposed to look like:


I couldn't get mine to stand up because she is missing a shoe. I'm actually quite suprised I didn't lose more of all the doll's shoes.

Aside from the missing shoe and the balding, she's in good shape.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do It Myself Art

I'm not an artist. But I wanted a large painting of bright colors.

I started by painting squiggly lines, then large waves, then swirls. And then it happened, the yellow paint touched the red paint. And the green paint touched the yellow paint.

I went a little crazy but I'm content with the painting.

I hung it in our family room.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where Did the Fork Go?

Well, the original name for this post was "The Fork Goes Where?"

I got the idea from the Queen Bee, Martha: check it out.

I'm trying to teach my kids how to set the table and I figured these would be fun and easy placemats. Martha can't show that the pen she used was a Clorox Bleach Pen but the picture on her page pretty much gives it away.

So, I drew a cute little place setting with my Clorox Bleach Pen, let it set, then rinsed it out.

Um, where did the fork go?

Looks like someone did a switch-a-roo on me and I got the disappearing bleach. How come that never happens with my good pants?

Perhaps this explains why I can't get stains out?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OK, I'll Bite

Yes, I'll admit - I'm a sucker for bright, shiny, new objects. I picked me up a pack of these AH-DOR-AH-BLE diapers while at Target today.

Soph is potty training right now but still wears diapers when we are in public. How cute will these be underneath a little sundress?

These are more expensive than my regular Target brand. But we'll use sparingly.

Anyone else snag a box?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shams to Throw Pillows

I purchased a duvet cover a few weeks ago and turned them into curtains.

Turns out, it came with two shams - SCORE!

So lucky me, I made two throw pillows for our recliners.

I'm working on some green pillows for the couch.

I have a love/hate relationship with throw pillows. They look fabulous but no one really uses them...Ending up on the floor...Collecting dog hair.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crib Sheet to Throw Pillow

Now that Sophie has graduated to a big girl bed, what was I to do with all the crib sheets? And most of her sheets were from Pottery Barn Kids. To much invested to just toss.

So I cut the elastic from the sheet and used the fabric to make a pillow! I used alternate fabric for a bunny.

I cut the bunny blindly and I liked him so much I traced him to have the pattern in case I wanted to use it again. And hell, because I'm cool like that, I'll share it with you.

Download Bunny Pattern

Monday, May 17, 2010

Minnie Mouse Apron

For all the little girls with play kitchens, this one is for you.

I can't believe how long it takes to write a tutorial! I won't call this a tutorial though since there are probably a thousand ways to accomplish this. So, we'll call it the "Jenntorial".

If you decide to attempt this daunting project, please use for personal use only.

*NOTE* The apron was made for a size 3T.

  • Start with two large circles (I used a mixing bowl as pattern)
  • 4 small circle (I used a drinking glass)
  • 1 rectangle - 13"x27" (this will be the apron)
  • One 4"x50" strip (waist band/tie)
  • two 4"x12" strips (neck strap)
  • ribbon as embellishment

Take your three strips and fold in .5" on either side and iron.

I don't know the professional way to close up the end but here's how I do it. Take the two corners and fold on the diagonal and iron.

Then fold over .5" and iron again.

Fold the strips in half and iron one more time. Set the longer strip aside and sew the shorter ones closed. (these will be the straps around the neck)

Let's move on to the ears. Take the neck strap and 2 smaller circles and lay them like below. Honestly, this was a little tricky so you can just sew all around the circle and leave a 1" opening. Once you turn inside out you could then insert the strap.

You can see below what it looks like when you put the right sides together. Stitch around the dotted line and then turn right side out.

Once it's right side out, iron flat and then stich around the top edge to close it up.

Do the same to the other two small circles and 2nd shorter strap.

Head of mouse: Take your two large circles and sew them together, right sides facing eachother leaving about a 2" opening. Turn right side out and iron flat. At this point, I realized I wouldn't need a perfect circle so I trimmed about .5" off. (see below). And then stitched around the entire head.

Now take your two ears (notice one has the strap already sewed in and the other doesn't? I had originally tried to do it a different way. Both straps should bew sewed in ears at this point) and pin them on the head where you'd like. Then sew along the dotted line to attach them to the head.

Put that aside and move on to the apron. Take your rectangular piece of fabric and iron the hem. I fold over .5" once, iron, and then fold again and iron.

Sew the hem down.

Do the same thing on both sides of the apron as well and it should look like below.

Next switch your machine to the longest stitch length and sew along the top of the rectangle. And then carefully pull your thread to gather the apron.

Now you'll grab the longer strip of fabric that you've already ironed and carefully pin the gathered apron between the folded strip of fabric.

Once you sew it down, it should look like below. Be sure to fold in the end edges of the long strip and sew those down. This is now the tie for the apron. It's actually kinda cute just like this.

Grab mouse head and pin it to the apron. Now do you see why you didn't need the complete circle? Sew across the top on the dotted line to secure the head to the apron.

If you can catch your toddler, measure the neck straps so that it fits over their head and the apron rests nicely around their neck. Trim the strips and add some velcro. Or you can leave them as is and tie at the back of the neck too. Add a cute little bow for the ear and your done!

Snap a pic of your princess brushing her hair :)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Michigan Baby Towel

My cousin and his wife are getting ready for their first baby. They aren't finding out the sex though. Pretty sure I'd go crazy. I found out what both my children were...mainly because they looked like monkeys in the ultrasound and it freaked me out.

My cousin is a huge Michigan fan. Hence, the Michigan baby towel.

This was fun - but I'm not so good with the bias tape. Still need practice. All I did was take a regular sized towel and cut it to an even square. Then took the a hand towel and made a large triangle. I cut the "M" from a yellow hand towel then quasi-embroidered it on.

Sewed the yellow bias tape all around and voila! Fluffy towel for a boy or girl.

If your family and read the blog - sssssshhhhhh - don't let the cat out of the bag!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Twin XL - sucks

You might remember Sophie's bed. It's beautiful but it's still in the closet. It's an XL twin sized bed. We thought about cutting it down, but I don't have the guts. Heck, I already ruined it's value by painting it.

So, we're going to buy a twin xl boxspring and matress.

Dilemma #2 - bedding.

After many Google searches, I've come to realize that fashion and interior designers do not design bedding in the size of twin XL. What's the deal? Are tall people not good enough for you? Do they break all the Feng Shei rules? Or did you just not want to waste all the good fabric on longer beds?

I'm totally bummed. I've found a few sites with some sets but most are for college dorms. Not for precious young toddlers.

Sophie's room is painted Benjamin Moore's Crisp Green

And her room is highlighted with bright pinks, green and teal.

Welp, here's what I'm thinking. Anyone have any other ideas?

These two sheets sets I found on Thank heavens I have a gift card. I'm leaning towards the pink paisley.

I found the skulls at Rad! But not for a toddler.

Target has this bright and light pink reversable quilt. I'm leaning towards this over a blah comforter.

I found one XL duvet that I liked but it was $99!!! PLUS, I'd have to buy an insert. Whatevah!

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lamp Redo Number 3

Lamp #1

And last but not least, lamp #3. While its not the most glamorous, it took me the longest. Years and years and years of dirt and paint.

I almost gave up.

These were all free and they all worked. So I painted the third one red and dressed up the kids toy room.

Doesn't look too bad on top of some Rubbermaid containers.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chiffon Wristlet for Mom

1st and foremost - Happy Mom's Day to all the mother's out there! Hope you received breakfast in bed - I did not.

I did spend Friday making this cute wristlet for my mom. It was my first time using a zipper and I gotta tell you, it wasn't that bad. If I've learned anything about sewing, it's patience. And with chiffon, it takes patience.

I keep reading that purple is all the rage this year. Apparently, Hancock Fabric didn't get the memo. Because this stuff was on sale!

But it's not what is on the outside that's what is on the inside!

Just the necessities.

It didn't turn out quite like I had envisioned but functional none-the-less.

Thanks for reading. Now go eat some bon-bons.

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