Sunday, August 29, 2010

SSC Sunday: Bathroom

SSC = Strawberry Shortcake

My mom has been slowly pulling all my old SSC's from storage and I'm really diggin' it. Brings back a crapload of memories. I've decided to document all my goods here each Sunday. Since I don't have every single piece and part to each doll, I've scoured the Internet for accurate photos. I've documented resources as best as possible. Call me out if not.

Strawberry Shortcake's Crapper

Ok, I realize that's probably not the correct name but "Berry Happy Bathroom" just didn't seem to fit.

My dolls never washed their hands or fixed their hair in the mirror. They always went to the bathroom to go potty. And usually with their clothes on.

I don't recall them ever getting a bath? It was too hard to get their clothes on and off.

Sophie thinks its funny to make the dollies go potty too. Hers take baths though. With their clothes on.

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