Sunday, May 30, 2010

SSC Sunday: Strawberry Shortcake

SSC = Strawberry Shortcake

My mom has been slowly pulling all my old SSC's from storage and I'm really diggin' it. Brings back a crapload of memories. I've decided to document all my goods here each Sunday. Since I don't have every single piece and part to each doll, I've scoured the Internet for accurate photos. I've documented resources as best as possible. Call me out if not.

First up, Strawberry Shortcake herself!

So there was a first issue and a second issue doll. First one did not come with Custard, the Cat. Honestly, I don't know which one I had. But I'm going to assume the first issue since I can't find Custard.

But here is what issue 2 is supposed to look like:


I couldn't get mine to stand up because she is missing a shoe. I'm actually quite suprised I didn't lose more of all the doll's shoes.

Aside from the missing shoe and the balding, she's in good shape.


Megan said...

No way! I wish my mother had saved some of my most treasured childhood items. Actually, I think all our stuff was worn to heck by the time it got handed down over and over to each consecutively younger sister! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

alissa said...

I'm pretty sure I have the same Strawberry Shortcake! She is packed away somewhere but I think last time I looked at her she still had that SSC smell! I also have a bike for her which I thought was pretty darn cool.

Jenn said...

I was so excited that my mom had kept all these - and yes - it's shocking to me that they still smell yummy! Hope you'll pop in each Sunday to see more!

Kristi said...

Sooo cute!! We had those ones they came out with that blew yummy smelling kisses. I had Baby Apricot.

I had a My Friend Mandy doll when I was much younger. It was thrown out years and years ago, I guess. I bought one on ebay about 5 years ago. I've been meaning to look for sewing patterns for her.

Also, I know you're entered in my giveaway, but I'm going to find something special just for you too since you were my very first follower!! :-)